Latest Different Types Of T-shirt Printing Methods

Custom T-shirts have become very popular over the last few years and with that there have been a lot of different printing methods released. Knowing which print method is right for you can help you to determine which one to use.

Many customers have also become very well-learned. They know the various different types of printing available and which ones they want. Another reason that you should be aware of the latest methods.

silk screen printing
t-shirt silk screen printing

Today we are going to go over the latest methods of T-shirt printing for you, so that you can keep on the ball.

Screen Printing
Despite being an older method of printing onto T-shirts, screen printing is still very popular. Customers from around the world have been looking for screen printing for years, sometimes under the name of silkscreening or silkscreen printing.

Using a stencil and nylon mesh, you transfer ink into the negative space of a T-shirt. The rest of the shirt is protected by a non-permeable material so that the ink does not go elsewhere.

A lot of companies use screen printing when they want to mass produce a high-quality t-shirt design. That being said, screen printing is not typically chosen for small production shirts. Multi-color designs are often also not done through screen printing.

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Printing Direct To Garments
Direct To Garments is a printing method that uses a specialized printer to print ink onto fabric instead of onto paper. This method is very popular amongst hobbyists because you can make complex designs with the device. The piece of clothing retains the inks into it’s filaments, making a gentler approach to the customary ways of screen printing.

You are able to print complex designs with the direct to garments method. That includes using many colors and varying design elements. The outcome that you will receive is smooth and soft to the touch.

Lower end direct to garments printers will cause dotting in the design that is noticeable to the eyes. In addition to that, most DTG printing will fade in a year or so due to the ink and method used.

Dye Sublimation
The process of dye sublimation is very interesting. You place an ink onto fabric and allow it to dry. Once dry, you apply heat and pressure at the same time. This causes the ink to turn into a gas and enter the fabric, where it dies the fabric.

Results from a professional (or experienced) dye sublimation will be outstanding. Especially on lighter color fabrics.
Polyester shirts will be the best for these designs. Dye sublimation is an expensive process and it takes some experience to get it right.

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Heat Press Printing
When it comes to printing small orders of shirts, heat press printing is often a great option. It is both cost effective and easy for small batches. Not only that, it is quicker than making stencils or other tools.

Heat press printing utilizes transfer paper. You print your design onto a specialized paper then apply heat when the paper is lined up with the shirt.

One of the other benefits of heat press printing is that it also works for super complex designs. You can print out just about any design onto the paper and transfer it over to the shirt. That being said, because the ink is translucent, it does not work the best on darker colored shirts.

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Vinyl Cutting
Vinyl cutting uses specialized cloth that can be cut into shapes, designs, or letters. Once you have cut the cloth into the design you want it is transferred to the shirt using a heat press technique.

If versatility is what you are looking for, vinyl cutting is a great option. You can use it to both print small quantities of shirts or large quantities. It can even be utilized to print a single print shirt.

There are certain designs that cannot be used with vinyl cutting. At the same time, any printing that you do with vinyl cutting is quite durable. You don’t have to worry about the shirts, as such, sportswear is commonly printed with this method.

Now that you know some of the latest printing methods for t-shirts you can get the best quality on your shirts. You can also please your customers with having the latest and greatest methods. Make sure to do your research and find the options that are right for your applications.


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